December 2012

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As individuals, we have to slow down to find our spiritual center. But that doesn't make a very good business plan.


Why it's time for a conversation about Slow Church.
In New York City, an activist group of homeless and formerly homeless people challenges the powers that be.
Putting Americans behind bars is becoming an increasingly lucrative business.
Ex-offenders confront the for-profit prison industry.


Canadian churches repent for running Indian Residential Schools.
We know how policymakers can fight unemployment. They're just not doing it.
Advent marinates us as we prepare to taste Christ's arrival.


Take heart! A new generation is ready to lead.
Get used to the idea of a married Jesus.
It's frustrating to be constantly represented by violent thugs and to be asked to explain their actions.
With a warm hen under my arm, I remembered Jesus' plea over another empire-ridden city.

Culture Watch

Should America reconsider our open market in bigoted ideas?
Interfaith Just Peacemaking: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives on the New Paradigm of Peace and War. Palgrave Macmillan.
Running the Rift by Naomi Benaron / Silver and Gold by Sufjan Stevens / Star of Wonder by Mary Lee Wile / The Food and Feasts of Jesus: Inside the World of First-Century Fare, with Menus and Recipes by Douglas E. Neel and Joel A. Pugh
It's a mark of the moral complexity of The Master that it can critique the damage done by demonic religion while honoring the best hopes of its angelic shades.
Excerpt from A Thicker Jesus: Incarnational Discipleship in a Secular Age, by Glen H. Stassen
Caroline Herring makes truth-telling a mission in her music.


Reflections on the Common Lectionary, Cycle C
Concerning “The Presumption of Equality,” by Rose Marie Berger (September-October 2012): Only when we understand that our God is so much bigger than we can begin to imagine, and that God is able to use women as
Paul Wellstone had it right (“Behold, The Dreamer Cometh,” by Korla Masters, Doug Mork, Duane Shank, and Peggy Flanagan, September-October 2012).
You wait a long time for Christmas morningdrifting asleep even as the ebony slate of skyshatters in clarion silenceGlory, Hallelujah!and shepherds in the hills cast down their rodslook up at angels and find themselvesno longer huddled in darkness
Jan Resseger was on the mark about the problem with U.S.

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"The social justice singer-songwriter of her generation."
Center yourself during this busy holiday season with our top 10 Advent resources.