December 2009

Cover Story

A biblical vision for saving the earth.
Fighting global warming's effects on the world's poor.
The witness of Denmark.
Are scare tactics the best tools in our work against climate change?


It's time for a new relationship with Cuba.
A Bible study on Luke 12, ecology, and economics.


It's time for Obama to act on Sudan.
"Strange bedfellows" denounce Honduran military overthrow.


This being December, many of you are starting to go through closets finding raiment suitable for the children to wear in the upcoming church Christmas pageant.
"Your plan," God laughs. "Your plan!"
Respecting the image of God in one another.
Addressing social issues with courage and compassion.

Culture Watch

Joel Salatin finds himself in the middle of the food debate, fighting for a better way.
Reexamining violence in entertainment.
Capitalism: A Love Story examines a "filthy, rotten system."
Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel on civility in public discourse.
Serving the community of LaSalle Street Church in Chicago.
Why David Sometimes Wins, by Marshall Ganz. Oxford University Press.
Franz Jägerstätter: Letters and Writings from Prison, edited by Erna Putz. Orbis.
The Sant'Egidio Book of Prayer, by Angela Riccardi; Peaceful Heroes, by Jonah Winter; Bearing the Mystery: Twenty Years of Image, by Gregory Wolfe; Trails of Hope and Terror: Testimonies on Immigration, by Miguel De La Torre.


I was slightly disappointed by the cover and headline article for the September-October issue (“6 Rules for Shameless Sex,” by Keith Graber Miller).
Prior to September's G20 summit in Pittsburgh, 37 U.S.
I applaud Keith Graber Miller’s call for a balanced sexual counterculture that exults sex-positivism in light of God’s gift of sexuality and exposes sexual irresponsibility and exploita
The Jesus Christ keychain with LED flashlight from Divinity Innovations provides a literal “lamp unto your feet.” Sporting a long-sleeved, rolled-edge crewneck shirt (with an ichthy
“Sex Without Shame” (by Keith Graber Miller, September-October 2009) was brief, concise, and covered some of the major things that need to be tackled as people of faith really embrace i
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C
[Regarding Robert Hirschfield’s “Peering Through the Wall” (November 2009)]: Nothing could illustrate more plainly the bias of U.S. reporting of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
Expensive health insurance premiums are detrimental to the survival of the middle class, according to a 2009 study released by The Commonwealth Fund.
This is the Month, and this the happy morn Wherein the Son of Heav’ns eternal King, Of wedded Maid, and Virgin Mother born,
This summer, the largest Lutheran and Episcopalian denominations in the U.S. voted for more complete inclusion of gay and lesbian ministers within their churches.
Beyond the health benefits of eating organic, poor farmers around the world are claiming that organic farming is improving their quality of life, too.

Web Extra

Sojourners editor Jim Rice and his family have been composting with worms for more than a decade. In this video how-to, he shares 7 steps to composting with worms.
Scott Cairns is the director of the creative writing program at the University of Missouri.
A Solitary Witness Franz Jägerstätter: Letters and Writings from Prison, by Erna Putz. Orbis. Reviewed by Christopher M. Zimmerman
Virginia-based farmer Joel Salatin is an outspoken advocate for organic, sustainable, and local food.
Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel is used to playing to large crowds—his undergraduate course on justice enrolls more than 1,000 students each year.