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Levels of Intimacy


“Sex Without Shame” (by Keith Graber Miller, September-October 2009) was brief, concise, and covered some of the major things that need to be tackled as people of faith really embrace issues regarding sex and sexuality.

More churches need to address the various types and levels of intimacy rather than only addressing intimacy when the conversation is about sex and sexuality. It is always assumed (in my limited experience) that the “soul ties” doctrine only relates to sex, which is not true. There are intimacy wounds that have me “tied” to women I’ve never touched, kissed, or even hugged, let alone had sex with! Intimacy is the issue, but it goes way beyond sex. Our churches and children need to know that. Guarding one’s innermost self is important and must happen way beyond the bedroom.

Marcus McCullough, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Sojourners Magazine December 2009
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