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What Would Jesus Prescribe?


This being December, many of you are starting to go through closets finding raiment suitable for the children to wear in the upcoming church Christmas pageant. Note that adult after-shower wear may not be suitable for a child posing as a shepherd who, during the performance, may break the monotony of standing perfectly still for an hour by rummaging through a pocket and submitting to public view whatever object lies within. Hopefully, it won’t be the hidden pack of cigarettes you don’t have any more because you quit, and are only keeping for a friend because he’s just so weak.

I mention smoking—even though Sojourners readers are too smart for cigarettes, or at least they would hide them in a better place, maybe in that old Jerusalem Bible that seemed such a good purchase before they actually tried to lug it to church on a regular basis—because smoking is the number one health concern in this country, followed closely by obesity, diabetes, and political intransigence. Unfortunately, the latter cannot be treated with diet and exercise, although screaming loudly at town-hall meetings is considered good cardio.

Scientists report that this uniquely American condition of intransigence comes from the one gene we share with the mule, an animal best known for stubbornly refusing to budge during legislative mark-ups. Sorry. I meant when plowing fields, a more productive exercise than the current attempts at reforming health care. At least with plowing fields you get food, which then you can eat too much of and eventually become a huge burden on our health system.

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Sojourners Magazine December 2009
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