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Presidential Contenders: None Standing Tall on Climate Change

by Jim Ball 05-18-2011
Whoever is our next president -- whether President Obama in a second term or the eventual Republican nominee -- will be the most consequential president ever for overcoming global warming

Protecting the EPA's Authority to Help Overcome Global Warming

by Jim Ball 03-24-2011
As I discuss more fully in my book, Global Warming and the Risen LORD, in the United States we are behind in our effo

Copenhagen: Done. Next Stop: The U.S. Senate

by Jim Ball 12-21-2009
Here's the bullet on what was achieved here in Copenhagen at the international climate change talks that concluded on Saturday.

Recipe for Disaster

by Jim Ball 12-01-2009

Fighting global warming's effects on the world's poor.

SUV, You're Fired!

by Jim Ball 09-01-2004
You are what you drive.