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Beyond 'Engagement'

by John Prendergast, by Maggie Fick 12-01-2009
It's time for Obama to act on Sudan.

Three Priorities for Darfur

by John Prendergast 03-24-2009
I have a confession to make. In the ninth year of the 21st century, and on my own 46th birthday, I may be the last activist left in America that has never penned a blog.

Continent of Hope

by John Prendergast 12-01-2008

Why Africa is a land of endless possibilitiy -- and how that should guide U.S. relations with the continent.

Paths to Peace in Somalia

by John Prendergast 02-01-1993

Only by addressing the roots of famine will a future without hunger be possible.

Hope for the Horn of Africa

by John Prendergast 08-01-1992

After three decades of supporting corrupt dictators, the United States has a second chance to help build a better future for this famine-plagued region.

Cultures of War in Northeast Africa

by John Prendergast 11-01-1990

How aid reinforces cultures of war