Ched Myers 9-01-1999
The poor are always with us. The questions is what we do about it.
Ron Mitchell 7-01-1999
"They're poor. They're black. And they have no oil."
Urban churches bridge barriers of neighborhood, class, and race
Duane Shank 9-01-1998
Power politics vs. the poor
Joe Nangle 7-01-1998

Some days ago I received an unexpected call from Lima, Peru. A brother Franciscan there told me that Olga Valencia had died and, knowing of my friendship with her, he had attended the funeral.

Carol Welch 5-01-1998
Who profits from the Asia bailouts?
Marie Dennis 5-01-1998
The worldwide movement for debt relief is rooted in Jubilee.
Duane Shank 5-01-1998
Communities pitch in to help people out of poverty.
Carol Fennelly 5-01-1998
An effort to protect churches' public ministries.
Barbara Howell 3-01-1998
The rolls are down, but hunger is up.
Duane Shank 3-01-1998
Building a movement to overcome poverty.
Jim Wallis 1-01-1998

Several notes and e-mails commented on the mention of my then wife-to-be in my column last month.

How will your community participate in the second annual "Pentecost to Overcome Poverty"?
Vicki Kemper 12-01-1988

Ponder for a moment the following factsabout poverty in our world today. 

Jim Wallis 11-01-1988

The so-called economic recovery has been painfully selective. Tax cuts and income gains for those in upper-income brackets have indeed made the rich richer. But for those at the bottom end, the past eight years have been a plague.

Jim Wallis 10-01-1987

The Iran-contra hearings have provided a summer-long opportunity for Reagan administration spokespersons to make their case for the contras on national television.

John Dear 8-01-1987

What you hear in the whispers, proclaim from the housetops.
--Matthew 10:27

The children really are our future.

Joyce Hollyday 3-01-1986

A biblical perspective on women and poverty.