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Holy Packing Tape, Batman!

by James Ferguson 12-01-2006

If you want to be cool this Christmas, nothing is more “in” than irony and nothing is more ironic than sending gifts wrapped with Jesus packaging tape—printed with Andy Warhol-esq

Who's In Your Jail?

by James Ferguson 09-01-2006

In May, the Institute on Women and Criminal Justice released a report on the growth of the number of women in prison in the U.S.

That Starry Crown

by James Ferguson 09-01-2006

The family-run Holy Land Imports, LLC, offers unique headgear for the dedicated Christian: a lovingly handmade Crown of Thorns just like Jesus wore.

Storm Shelters

by James Ferguson 08-01-2006

More than 270,000 evacuees ended up in shelters after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Church Plants

by James Ferguson 08-01-2006

Bring the Biblical Garden by DuneCraft into your home and have weeding chores just like Jesus!

Making a Living

by James Ferguson 07-01-2006

The federal minimum wage was last raised in 1997 to its current level of $5.15 an hour. There are now 20 states that have raised the minimum wage above the federal level.

Airway to Heaven

by James Ferguson 07-01-2006

The Merritt Ministry asked a simple question: “How do you create a hot air balloon that is both authentic and reverent in its mission of [representing] Jesus, the Son of God

Camp Darfur

by James Ferguson 07-01-2006

A refugee camp popped up last April on the sports field of Lennox Middle School, right next to Los Angeles International Airport.

Yearning To Be Free

by James Ferguson 06-01-2006

According to a recent Pew Research Center Report, when it comes to stemming the flow of people risking the dangerous border crossing between Mexico and the United States, nearly half of Americans s


by James Ferguson 06-01-2006

Catechumen is a computer game in the “first-person shooter” genre of Quake and Halo, but with a Christian flavor.