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Gospel To The Geeks

In these high-tech days, anyone could just copy the Bible onto any old USB memory stick, but that would be wrong wouldn’t it? We’re all familiar with the passage, I think it’s in Leviticus, or maybe 2 Maccabees, that says, “When ye transmit the scripture ye shall bind it in cow’s hide and adorn it with gold detail. It shall be a shiny, pretty thing unto the Lord. And ye shall label it with Times New Roman font, spurning the sans-serif fonts of the heathen, for they are an abomination. But if ye are too cheap to use leather, ye may bind the scripture in ‘leather-look’ and, yea, when ye have the technology, ye shall put it on little USB key rings, too.” Thankfully, the USB Digital Holy Bible (international patent pending) is here, and it can be yours for just $29.99.

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Sojourners Magazine February 2006
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