Donovan Jacobs 4-01-2006
Hollywood shows little respect for working-class and poor people.
Wanda Fries 4-01-2006

The poor are with you always—

Fearful of harsh border enforcement legislation and trapped in poverty, many immigrants turn to churches for help.

Jim Wallis 4-01-2006
Would Jesus come to Davos if he were invited?
Jim Wallis 2-01-2006
'Have they no shame?' was a frequent response.
Duane Shank 2-01-2006
Poverty solutions that transcend ideology.
James Ferguson 12-01-2005
Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
Debayani Kar 12-01-2005
The U.N. World Summit comes up short.
Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-2005
The suffering and salvation of New Orleans.
Robert Roth 11-01-2005
Whenever you helped the needy - or ignored the poor - Jesus said, "you did it to me."
Jim Wallis 11-01-2005

Hurricane Katrina opened the eyes of many to the reality of poverty in America. Will we take responsibility for the poor in our land of plenty?

Ted Parks 5-01-2005
The Tennessee Justice Center advocates for the ill - and squares off against the state's health cuts.
Adam R. Taylor 4-01-2005
Millennium Goals offer hope against poverty.

While President Bush pledges to reduce poverty through tax reform, the number of low-income Americans-especially the working poor-continues to skyrocket, according to the "Working Hard, Falli

Elizabeth Palmberg 2-01-2005
Rich countries have decided to control Iraq the old-fashioned way.
Jim Wallis 2-01-2005
The book tour will be a national conversation faith,
Jim Wallis 1-01-2005
Neither candidate championed the poor as a moral value

Book Review: American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare (Viking: 2004).

Jim Wallis 12-01-2004
The 7-year-old's poster said, 'Every Life is Sacred. Stop Poverty.'