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Poverty 101

Why are there so many starving people in the world? What is food security? What is per capita income? Dale Hanson Bourke answers these and other questions in The Skeptic’s Guide to Global Poverty. Quotes, facts, charts, maps, and photographs help readers get a basic overview of complex issues in this accessible and easy-to-understand resource. Great for churches and community groups. Authentic

You’re Wearing That?

In Disconnected: Parenting Teens in a MySpace World, Chap Clark and Dee Clark—the parents of three—examine the changing world of childhood and adolescence and then look at how to parent kids and teens through these developmental stages. Dee, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Chap, a professor of youth, family, and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, look realistically and lovingly at the challenges of parenting. Baker

A Holy Coming

“Advent is not an argument that God exists,” writes Eugene Peterson in his introduction to The Miraculous Journey, by Marty Bullis. “It is an immersion in song and story and celebration that God comes—to us!” Bullis provides scripture readings, thoughtful reflections, and prayers for the rich days of Advent. Also included are meditations and litanies for individuals and small groups. Regal Books

Divine Obedience

Richard Taylor’s Love in Action should be in the hands of every peace-loving Christian. This short, easy-to-read workbook on gospel nonviolence and direct action from a Catholic perspective addresses the pesky questions: Can nonviolence be effective today? Why invite suffering? What’s the point of symbolic action? Drawing on his 50 years of experience, Taylor gives us a basic textbook for teaching Christian nonviolence to audiences of all ages. R.K. Taylor Publishing

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