Common Life, Robert Cording's fifth poetry collection, is informed by religious faith and enacts it.

Deb Baker 2-01-2007

I went there once,
to the place you’re imagining.
It was purple, with wild geraniums
under green-bright stars.

All the constellations spelled
words, like &

Michael Borich 1-01-2007

After the olive groves at Samothrace and fog
which billowed up from a green sea,
the rocky sheep path and bleating ewes,
wind and sun—there w

Elizabeth Green 12-01-2005
Seeking Mystery Together
Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2005
Ever notice how the great novels tend to be really long?
Linda Mills Woolsey 10-01-2004
At the regional airport in Waco,

At the regional airport in Waco, on the third day
of the war, we stand barefoot, as if on sacred ground.
As each in turn is beckoned, we file mutely past
the metal box that peers into our carry-ons and coats,
examines our watches, our wallets, our shoes.

Jene Beardsley 9-01-2004
Untitled Normal Page

"…as if religion were a state of shock,
deep, peaceful shock, that…men like these
are driven into by the spectacle of reality."
—Peter Matthiessen in The Cloud Forest

Carol Hamilton 8-01-2004

He died in a munitions explosion

Elizabeth Newberry 9-01-2000

Affrilachian Poets claim the space between two worlds.

Amy Beth Cross 5-01-1987

A poem

Evelyn Mattern 12-01-1986

A poem

James Lewisohn 5-01-1986

For my teacher and friend Burton Throckmorton Jr.

J.H.B. 3-01-1986

A poem from Appalachia