Muriel Nelson
Muriel Nelson  

Muriel Nelson lives in Federal Way, Wash. Her poetry collections include Part Song (Bear Star Press) and Most Wanted (Byline Press). 

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Poetry: Saving Is a Form of Worship

by Muriel Nelson 03-02-2016
In memory of Maxine Kumin
courtesy of Jill Krementz

courtesy of Jill Krementz


'The Hungry Soul in Pursuit of the Full Soul'

by Muriel Nelson 08-01-2012
A poem

On Proverbs 8

My saints won’t be named by a church.
Their sainthood won’t stand as statues. Listen.
calm as cooking directions
play continually—

If any thing’s resurrectible, it’s memory:
those eyes,
song-haloed, so full of lightness
nothing could stop their flight;
not a Thomas who peers into pupils’ darkness,

not a ravenous soul left grounded.
We are born, yin-yanged, of lightning
with saints and putti the lightest of all.
But love-rumpled faces, quick limbs, and pierced hearts
are unstable, done only in clay.


by Muriel Nelson 12-01-1992

An Advent poem