Betsy Sholl

Betsy Sholl, a former poet laureate of Maine, is author of several collections of poetry, including Otherwise Unseeable (2014). 

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Poem: Petition

by Betsy Sholl 07-29-2016
Andreas Gradin / Shutterstock

Andreas Gradin / Shutterstock


Second Line

by Betsy Sholl 03-14-2013

Blindfolded and gagged, tossed in the back / of a car -- it's how they gather up young men /

Learning to Love the Sky

by Betsy Sholl 06-01-1986

(For Margaret)

Tonight I Am Mending Clothes

by Betsy Sholl 06-01-1981

I use old cloth on the knees, stitch boldly.
The dress I hem more carefully
camouflaging the thread, an animal in grass.

Honor the Aged

by Betsy Sholl 08-01-1980

You may be saved yet.
Your grandmother's praying.
She's saying to anyone who'll listen:
Throw out the curtains. Stop
coaxing wind down from the trees.