Alan Clapsaddle 11-11-2008
My wife and I were sitting watching the election returns come in on CNN. She was 'chatting' online with some of her friends.
Alan Clapsaddle 10-08-2008
I confess, it feels good to win. It is easy to slip into the trap of feeling as if we have vanquished the oppressor and slain the enemy.
Alan Clapsaddle 10-01-2008
Last Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Gregory A.
When we separate pleasure from responsibility, we defy nature at our own risk.
Steve Thorngate 8-01-2008
Book review: From Stone to Living Word: Letting the Bible Live Again, by Debbie Blue.
Laurel A. Dykstra 8-01-2008
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A.
Tony P. Hall 7-01-2008

Addressing the food crisis is a matter of political and spiritual will.

Progress on food security issues will only come when we begin to ask the right question and challenge the myths that trap us.

Elizabeth Palmberg 7-01-2008

The dramatic rise in world food prices has pushed millions into poverty. Here's a look at 10 factors--from agrofuel production to rising meat and dairy consumption--that have contributed to this preventable crisis.

“Without corn there is no country” is the slogan tens of thousands of small farmers in Mexico are using to protest the full implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NA

Marv Baldwin 4-01-2008

A Picture of the Kingdom

Laurel Rae Mathewson's article "Lord, What Shall I Eat? How Much Should I Weigh?" (July 2007) is a good reminder about the mind/body/spirit connection and relationship.

Molly Marsh 9-01-2007

Race Matters

True to Our Native Land, edited by Brian Blount, describes itself as the first African-American commentary on the New Testament.

Ted Parks 9-01-2007

A black-and-white movie about the bleakness of life in Watts, California—shot for $10,000 about 30 years ago and never intended for theaters—doesn't exactly fit the Hollywood formula.

Poor Diet. In April, Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski encouraged all Oregonians to take the "Food Stamp Challenge" by living on an average food stamp budget of $21 per person per week.

Finally, researchers have harnessed the fruit of the spirit into a new kind of energy drink!

A reflection on healing our relationship with food.

  • Legal Aid. Dionisio Díaz García, a Christian labor lawyer for the Association for a More Just Society in Honduras, was assassinated in December on his way to court.
  • The management of the Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina—where 25,000 to 32,000 hogs are slaughtered each day—and the lawyers of a local Catholic parish