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Nontando Hadebe is a senior lecturer at St. Augustine University in Johannesburg, South Africa, a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians, and a former Sojourners intern.

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Can These Dry Bones Live?

by Nontando Hadebe 01-24-2018
A cry for hope amid dramatic changes in Zimbabwe.

I WAS BORN IN Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe. Though I now teach and reside in South Africa, my family members still live in various parts of Zimbabwe. In November, I watched as scenes unfolded during a suspenseful week of regime change. A military intervention no one would have predicted set the stage for the resignation of Zimbabwe’s 37-year dictator, Robert Mugabe. Emmerson Mnangagwa became president and will serve out Mugabe’s term.

I was captivated by ordinary citizens’ spontaneous expressions of joy as they took to the streets and expressed their views for the first time without fear of reprisal. Every news station hosted political analysts, church leaders, and members of civil society engaged in rigorous debate on the meaning and impact of the momentous political and economic shifts. They focused on the potential impact on those who have borne the brunt of the economic crisis under Mugabe—which included shortages of money (which made financial transactions a logistical nightmare), widespread corruption, political repression, exceptionally high levels of unemployment, and the looting of profits from the country’s natural resources.

After World Cup, Violence Persists in South Africa

by Nontando Hadebe 07-14-2010

The World Cup eclipsed our lives in South Africa as we witnessed four weeks of unbelievable soccer and celebration. Instead of basking in the glory of the tournament and reflecting on a way forward, xenophobic violence has once again reared its head.

Tragic Stats and Beacons of Hope in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 05-26-2010
During my recent visit to Zimbabwe, a headline caught my eye: "Worst Exam Results Ever!" The pass rate was 27% for national examinations held at the end of primary school (after seven years of scho

30 Years of Zimbabwean Independence: Promises of Hope and 'Acts of Madness'

by Nontando Hadebe 04-20-2010
Thirty years ago on April 18th, Zimbabwe celebrated independence and started a new chapter in its political history, full of promise and hope.

Africa's 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'

by Nontando Hadebe 04-14-2010
I was watching the news coverage on the meeting of world leaders in Washington hosted by President Obama on reducing nuclear weapons and ensuring that these do not get into the hands of terrorists

Murder and Militant Songs Betray Mandela's Legacy

by Nontando Hadebe 04-06-2010
As millions of Christians celebrated Easter this past weekend, their celebrations were interrupted by events in South Africa and Zimbabwe that reinforced the relevance of the message of Easter for

Circling Jericho in Zimbabwe?

by Nontando Hadebe 03-23-2010
There seems to be a consistent political pattern emerging in Zimbabwe: first, there will be a violation of the unity agreement by ZANU (PF), followed by challenge by opposition parties with threat

Social Justice Christians: 'A Dangerous Option in Zimbabwe'

by Nontando Hadebe 03-15-2010
I loved the title in SojoMail last week which said

Drama and Confusion in South Africa and Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 02-12-2010
This past week has been characterized by drama and confusion in South Africa and Zimbabwe. In South Africa the drama started on Sunday, Feb.

An Ordination by Archbishop Tutu and Valentine's Day Justice

by Nontando Hadebe 02-03-2010

On Saturday, Jan. 30, I attended a service in which one of my colleagues was being ordained as a deacon in the Anglican Church together with ten others who were being ordained either as priests or deacons. The presiding bishop was Archbishop Desmond Tutu! He delivered the sermon.