Nontando Hadebe is a senior lecturer at St. Augustine University in Johannesburg, South Africa, a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians, and a former Sojourners intern.

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Clinton's Africa Trip and Tutu's Legacy

by Nontando Hadebe 08-18-2009
August is women's month in South Africa, with Woman's Day celebrated on August 9.

Weaving Networks from Iowa to Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 08-12-2009
There is an African proverb from Ethiopia that says, "When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion." What a graphic illustration of power that emerges as an outcome of networking, partnership, and

'Grace to Heal': Deconstructing the Culture of Violence in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 07-27-2009
The government of Zimbabwe, in a groundbreaking move, dedicated this past weekend to renouncing political violence and promoting national healing.

Celebrating Mandela's Birthday and Serving Zimbabwe's Children

by Nontando Hadebe 07-21-2009
On July 18th many people from different parts of the world celebrated Nelson Mandela's 91st birthday!

Obama in Ghana: The Capacity of Hope

by Nontando Hadebe 07-14-2009
The visit by U.S. President Barack Obama to Ghana this past weekend was described as his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa.

Amahoro: An Emerging Conversation in Africa

by Nontando Hadebe 06-29-2009
Conversations can offer creative spaces for questions to be asked and the exchange or exploration of ideas.

Yearning for Change in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 06-05-2009
Since the signing of the agreement that led to a government of "national unity," there was an expectation that this could be the start of a new era in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe's Hall of Faith

by Nontando Hadebe 05-27-2009
I realize that I have been guilty of overlooking "conversations of faith" with friends and family -- conversations that reflect the spirit of faith similar to that of the heroes and heroines record

Zimbabwe's 'Burial Societies'

by Nontando Hadebe 05-12-2009
In African culture death is accepted as an inevitable aspect of life and a promotion to the spiritual level where one becomes an ancestor whose duty is to protect and intercede for one's living fam

Holding Government Accountable on Poverty -- in Africa

by Nontando Hadebe 04-30-2009
The South African elections have eclipsed all news in our region. These went fairly smoothly with isolated incidents.

Wheels of Change in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 04-20-2009
Someone once said that once the wheels of change are in motion, they can't be stopped; it's as if once the sun starts to rise, there is no going back into the night.

Tutu Confronts ANC, Zimbabwe Launches Recovery Program

by Nontando Hadebe 04-03-2009
It has been another week of high drama in South Africa and more mixed news from Zimbabwe. In South Africa three key issues have dominated public debate.

'Greek Moments' in South Africa and Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 03-25-2009
During my studies in theology, my colleagues and I jokingly referred to particularly difficult concepts or issues that we had a hard time understanding as "a Greek moment," or say "this is Greek t

Through Lenten Darkness, Rays of God's Grace in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 03-16-2009
The sad news from Zimbabwe continues

Zimbabwe Prime Minister's Wife Killed in Car Crash

by Nontando Hadebe 03-09-2009
A dark cloud has descended on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe's Bi-Polarity

by Nontando Hadebe 03-02-2009
The power struggle continues in Zimbabwean politics between progressive forces and the 'old guard.' The progressive forces want to get on with rebuilding the entire infrastructure of the country, e

Guarded Optimism in Zimbabwe and South Africa

by Nontando Hadebe 02-23-2009
It's been just over two weeks into the new transitional government in Zimbabwe. There is guarded optimism and most people have adopted a 'wait and see' approach.

The Leap from Paper to Reality in Zimbabwe

by Nontando Hadebe 02-11-2009
A brief recap on some of the latest developments in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: Talks Drag on While Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

by Nontando Hadebe 01-30-2009
On Monday, January 26th, regional leaders met once again to discuss a way forward for Zimbabwe. The outcome of the meeting held no surprises.

20th January, 2009

by Nontando Hadebe 01-22-2009
On 20th January, 2009, I turned on my radio to listen to the news and heard these words from the leader of the main opposition party in Zimbabwe: "Today is probably one of the darkest d