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Flickers of Hope for Zimbabwe

Most of the news coming from Zimbabwe is so discouraging and heartbreaking that it is becoming harder to sustain hope.

The growing number of Zimbabwean immigrants in neighboring countries is one of the many signs that the Government of National Unity is failing in its basic commitment to improve the welfare of its people. The migration of vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied children and people with disabilities makes the situation intolerable.

Overcrowding in neighboring countries and competition for scarce resources represent a time bomb -- a disaster waiting to happen. In Zimbabwe, land invasions continue as well as lawlessness and violations of basic principles agreed upon in the unity agreement.

The tragedy of the situation is that it need not be this way. Zimbabwe has a wealth of natural resources, fertile land, strong infrustructure, and an educated and productive labour force. The knowledge that there is potential for the situation to change has prevented the flicker of hope from being extinguished. Thousands turned up for a rally organized by the opposition party within Zimbabwe, a sign to many within and outside Zimbabwe to keep going because as this African proverb puts it so well, "A flea can trouble a lion more than a lion can trouble a flea!"

Nontando HadebeNontando Hadebe, a former Sojourners intern, is originally from Zimbabwe and is now pursuing graduate studies in theology in South Africa.