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Prosecuting the Potluckers: Activists Face Legal Challenges for Feeding the Homeless

by Alan Clapsaddle 03-10-2009
Jim Wallis wrote a great post last week entitled "Potluck Perspective." Unfortunately, sharing food with 'the least of these' is again drawing the ire of those un

Seeing the Full Humanity of Our Homeless Neighbors

by Alan Clapsaddle 02-04-2009
Last week, January 27, just a few blocks north of the Sojourners' office on 14th Street in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of our nation's capital, a homeless man was attacked and lay dying on th

After Court Loss, City of Orlando Seeks to Develop Park Where Groups Feed Homeless

by Alan Clapsaddle 11-17-2008

A TKO and a Split Decision

by Alan Clapsaddle 11-11-2008
My wife and I were sitting watching the election returns come in on CNN. She was 'chatting' online with some of her friends.

Court Victory for Orlando's Homeless - Now What?

by Alan Clapsaddle 10-08-2008
I confess, it feels good to win. It is easy to slip into the trap of feeling as if we have vanquished the oppressor and slain the enemy.

Good News Break: It's Now Legal to Feed Poor People in Orlando

by Alan Clapsaddle 10-01-2008
Last Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Gregory A.

Vote Out Poverty: 'That's Just How We Roll Around Here'

by Alan Clapsaddle 09-18-2008
I dropped by the office at Discovery Church on Orange Avenue in Orlando yesterday to deliver some posters and flyers for the Poverty Sunday premiere of the film http://www.ordinaryradicals

Arrested for Feeding the Poor

by Alan Clapsaddle 06-10-2008

Unconscionable: adjective

1. not guided by conscience; unscrupulous.

2. not in accordance with what is just or reasonable: unconscionable behavior.

3. excessive; extortionate: an unconscionable profit.

I have had some "unconscionable" things on my mind a lot lately as I have been working with the 20-somethings who make up Orlando Food Not Bombs and University of [...]