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Sojourners Magazine: November 2015

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Contraception has long been a contested topic within the church. In our cover story, Rachel Marie Stone explores the religious and political ramifications of evangelicals joining the battle over birth control. 

Cover Story

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Birth control hasn't always been controversial among what happened? 
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The official Catholic teaching on contraception hasn't changed - but lay Catholics worldwide follow their own moral reasoning. 


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The apostle's prison letter to the Phillippians was a challenge to the Roman Empire - and to the U.S. empire as well. 
Food Desert / Ndume Olatushani
How a man wrongfully convicted of murder used magazines, broken brushes, and paint to get free - and is teaching others to do the same. 
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When it comes to assessing the needs of communities in the Rio Grande Valley, some groups have adopted a radical approach: Ask the people who live there.
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Syrian Civil Defense workers - the "White Helmets" - haven't given up on the future of their country. 


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Why young activists, from Cape Town to Charleston, need to find common cause to transform the "giants of our generation."
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After prison, how can you make restitution if you can't get a job? / Shutterstock
Becoming a pro-family church (paid parental leave is a good place to start). 

Culture Watch

"Where am I? Who am I? Why am I?" / William Kurelek
New books pursue big questions and elusive answers. 
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New (and newish) books to challenge, teach, and encourage. 
Excerpt: Grounded by Diana Butler Bass.
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Black Violin fuses the virtuosity of the classical world with the funk and street-level grace of hip-hop. 
The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
Four November culture recommendations from our editors. 
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The best films help us understand how to transcend our brokenness without excluding our shadows.


He found himself wondering whether "sin and heathenism" were the correct terms for a tradition that could inspire such beauty.
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Camping is best left to those who, you know, actually like the outdoors.
komkrit Preechachanwate / Shutterstock
Climate change isn't just "an issue" like other issues.
Shutterstock / Julia Tsokur
Why one pastor from West Papua is traveling around the world - and asking for help.