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Letters: An Unforgettable Atrocity

by Peter C. Hinde 09-22-2015

In Karen Swallow Prior’s excellent article “Nukes and the Pro-Life Christian,” she quotes R. Albert Mohler Jr. questioning “the conventional narrative that dropping the bombs saved lives by ending the war.”

It would have been important for Prior to make clear her opinion with respect to that question. Perhaps it is a given for readers that Sojourners considers that bombing was immoral. Pardon the intrusion by this veteran of WWII who has not let that atrocity out of his mind since flying over Nagasaki three days after. Keep up the great work.

Peter C. Hinde, OCarm
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

To Reap With Joy

by Peter C. Hinde 12-01-1980

Reflections from a Nicaragua journal