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Sojourners Magazine: May-June 1998

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Cover Story

Rediscovering rites of passage for our time
A sample North American initiation pattern
Healing rites for youth at risk.


The biblical vision of Sabbath economics.
The worldwide movement for debt relief is rooted in Jubilee.
David Halberstam credits the youth in the civil rights movement.
An interactive CD-ROM brings home the effects of the debt crisis.


Parenting is key--but so is good day care.
Muslims and the way of peace.
Who profits from the Asia bailouts?
As the United States drew close to launching bombing attacks on Iraq in February, American church leaders across the theological spectrum spoke out in opposition.
The pope's visit has inspired Cuban believers.
Real change may come through the courts.


Will the good news become old news?
Religious persecution. It’s becoming a hot topic, with a protest against it gathering strong momentum around the world. It’s about time.
Once in a while you get to see people assimilate a value from a different culture. It’s an enriching experience for everyone concerned.
Our cover feature points out the importance of rituals that young men need to prepare them for responsible adulthood, not including the time your mother made you wear a bow tie for Dress-Up Day a
"What do you do?" It's taken me about nine months to come up with a short answer for that question.

Culture Watch

In 1977, the Church of England set out to modernize the Lord’s Prayer.
Fiction and the search for God.
The stories and words of Frederick Buechner
Thirty-five years ago, on June 12, 1963, Medgar Evers was assassinated in front of his home on the west side of Jackson, Mississippi.
Renewed interest in Julian of Norwich.
The vocation of a prophet, by a prophet


I JUST RECEIVED the January-February issue, and I want to thank you for the articles on male-female equality.
I JUST CALLED Ed Spivey, author of the monthly "H’rumphs," to thank him for his most recent effort (March-April 1998).
IN HIS ARTICLE on the drama of the Ted Kaczynski Unabomber proceedings, Joe Nangle asks, "How could two siblings turn out so differently?" ("Life in Community" March-April 1998).
RON DART’S commentary, "Beyond Clan Politics" (January-February 1998), discusses more than my own work, but permit me to focus on it alone.
A neighbor lent me his January-February 1998 issue knowing that I am an Eastern Rite Catholic (also known as the Byzantine Rite).
In a remote part of India, the world’s largest democracy, the democratic process came to a grinding halt recently.
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Christians for Peace in El Salvador (CRISPAZ) seeks volunteers to live in community and work for social justice.
WE SEEK OUT most of our articles-solicit them from authors or write them ourselves. Once in a while an article is sent in that fits both our plans and our limited space.
The Clinton administration’s aggressive promotion of U.S. arms sales around the world tops Project Censored’s list of censored or underreported news stories for 1997.
YOUR MAGAZINE, to which I recently subscribed, is my first exposure to current events in more than 20 years, and my subscribing is the first "social action" I’ve taken in 53 years (
Communities pitch in to help people out of poverty.
I’M AFRAID THAT just when some wealthy individuals are organizing to ensure that their charity helps to reverse the unjust economic policies of our nation, Ted Turner’s widely publicize
During the stand-off between the United States and Iraq over that country’s suspected possession of chemical and biological weapons...
I AM WRITING to thank you for Duane Shank’s article, "Grounded in the Book," in the January-February 1998 issue ("CultureWatch"), and to suggest that Rabbi Joseph Teluskin’s book, Bi
"HONEST, UNFLINCHING, Prophetic"? Those are the words you use on your back cover to describe Sojourners.
An effort to protect churches' public ministries.
I WOULD LIKE to thank you in general for the excellent work you have been doing over all those years that I have been a subscriber to your journal.
Genuine faith is never a private matter, something hidden away in one’s mind and spirit.
I am a needle sewing...