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From the Archives: November-December 1999

by Will Campbell 11-05-2013
We've lost the war on drugs.

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THIS STORY IS about the loss of a war and the sin and insanity of continuing to wage that war with the same weapon: prisons. From the well-meaning but naive “solution” of “just say no” to the equally well-meaning but equally naive mandatory minimum sentences, we have been defeated in our War on Drugs.

When we finally realized that we had lost the undeclared war in Vietnam, those remaining in Saigon climbed to the highest building and clung to the last helicopter leaving the country. Now it is time for the metaphor to be exercised in the drug war. We have lost.

Feeding the Gods of Unfreedom

by Will Campbell 11-01-1999
It's time to admit: We've lost the War on Drugs

The Children Shall Lead

by Will Campbell 05-01-1998
David Halberstam credits the youth in the civil rights movement.

With Fear Banished

by Will Campbell 12-01-1985

How Bill Stringfellow spoke truth to the Episcopal Churchmen of Tennessee in 1963.

The Theological Education of Will Campbell

by Will Campbell 08-01-1977

The personal story of a minister's conversion.