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Resources for Study and Action

Resisting the Death Penalty

Wrenching concern for the accelerated use of the death penalty in the United States prompted a Bruderhof community to sponsor the "Children’s Crusade to Death Row" last August. Seven hundred people participated in a three-day, 35-mile protest march to SCI prison in Pennsylvania. A descriptive, 68-page booklet about the march is available from Plough Publishing House for $5; an 18-minute video is $12. To order write Rt. 381 North, Farmington, PA 15437 or call 1-800-521-8011.

Do you want to be on record as opposing capital punishment? Cherish Life Circle is circulating a "Declaration of Life" statement for signature that indicates your opposition as well as your intent, should you ever be a murder victim, that the assailant should not be in jeopardy of the death penalty. The declaration is available from Cherish Life Circle, Convent of Mercy, 273 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205. Your statement must be notarized. Application cost is $1.

A visual resource is the book Final Exposure, the culmination of a six-year project photographing and interviewing 27 death row inmates by award-winning photographer Lou Jones. It is available from The Other Side, 1-800-700-9280, $40 (paperback).

Plant a Piece of History

American Forests is a non-profit organization caring for trees and forests since 1875. A free catalog, Famous and Historic Trees, describes trees’ importance to clean the air, purify water, hold soil in place, and provide habitat for wildlife. Selected trees may be purchased to tie in to historical events and famous personalities. Tree kits include a planting zone map, complete instructions, and a lifetime guarantee. Contact American Forests, 8555 Plummer Road, Jacksonville, FL 32219; 1-800-320-8733.

Countering Corporate Power

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