March 2010


A veteran activist speaks with a new generation of Christian justice workers.
When those who feel accursed come to our door, are we ready with something holy?


The Manhattan Declaration’s harder challenge.
Three decades later, the slain archbishop’s memory continues to inspire.
The Court promotes corporate rule over healthy democracy.
Long-term partnerships and deep relationships must be at the heart of the rebuilding effort in Haiti.
What happens when your world comes to an end? A Haitian-American writer reflects on the earthquake and its aftermath.


The banks must be sent a message: We find their behavior unacceptable.
'Instead of driving us apart, our varied beliefs can bring us together.'
It was a very special day, and I chose my necktie accordingly, a selection made easier by the fact that I only have two.
by: Ed Spivey

Culture Watch

Poet Meena Alexander and the shifting terrain of the migrant experience.
There's evidence that popular cinema is taking real life seriously.
With God on Our Side, directed by Porter Speakman Jr. (Rooftop Productions)
After Hurricane Jeanne struck Haiti in 2004, people gave abundantly from what little they had.
My oldest child is applying to colleges, so there’s been a lot of talk around my house this year about the underlying purpose and real value of education.
Spirited Women with Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical


“The problem facing American journalism is not fundamentally an audience problem or a credibility problem,” according to the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism.
In “Offensive Medicine” (January 2010), Ed Spivey Jr. suggests that President Obama’s next book will be titled The Audacity of Gradual Change.
Alb: A white liturgical tunic worn as prayer for a heart protected from all stain and washed in the Blood of the Lamb.
After the failed Christmas bomb attack on a U.S.-bound plane in which the prime suspect admitted that he’d been trained at an al Qaeda boot camp in Yemen, President Obama doubled U.S.
Two days after his inauguration, President Obama signed orders to end the CIA’s use of torture as an interrogation tool and to close the notorious Guantánamo Bay detention center withi
Bravo for finally addressing climate change head-on (December 2009).
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C
I’m profoundly grateful to Dr. Vincent Harding for such a heart-rending, prophetic letter (“Our Children are Waiting for the Music,” January 2010).
I look forward to each issue of Sojourners, but I must admit dismay when I started to read the articles by James Jones (“Priests in God’s Garden”) and Ched Myers (“Pa
The award-winning environmental ministry of Haygood United Methodist Church in Atlanta got started in 2007, when the climate gave congregant and stay-at-home mom Willa Paton-Smith a wake-up call.
Does “awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead!” (Ephesians 5:14) describe your Monday morning?
It was a remarkable moment in November when Johnny Lee Clary, a 50-year-old white Oklahoman, knelt before Bishop George D.
I was glad to read the review of the United Farm Workers story (“Becoming David,” by Kevin Lum, December 2009), but I was dismayed that nothing was said of the deepest, clearest source

Web Extra

In this video, Eileen Mignoni tells the story of an immigrant family struggling with the arrest of their son, John.
Here is a list of books written by and about Daniel Berrigan. This list is by no means exhaustive.
Both churches described in the March 2010 article, How To… Green
Listen to this reading and an interview with poet Mary Anne Reese.
Editor’s Note: Edwidge Danticat, author of six books including