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Getting Real

Bravo for finally addressing climate change head-on (December 2009). In the end, the images (such as your cover!) and the data behind them are not “scare tactics”; they are the reality we are facing, as Bill McKibben (“Why Copenhagen Matters”) makes abundantly clear.

I wonder if “perfect love casts out fear” (the title of the article by Janet L. Parker) when the floodwaters are lapping at the foot of your child’s bed or the last source of water for your one remaining cow dries to a trickle. As comfortable perpetrators of global warming, we need to be mindful of platitudes. Tables need to be overturned in the name of Ched Myers' “Sabbath economics” (“Pay Attention to the Birds”). We need to reduce our carbon footprint with every choice we make.

Katharine M. Preston
Essex, New York

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Sojourners Magazine March 2010
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