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Living and Loving Through Tragedy

I was at the supermarket at my home in Florida with my two young daughters when my sister-in-law called to ask if I’d heard that there had been an earthquake in Haiti. I was a bit stunned. “Earthquake?” I said. “Are you sure?” She said it was 7.0. That didn’t quite register for me. Then she said it was catastrophic.

Like millions of other Haitians in and outside of Haiti, I was nearly out of my mind with worry. Everyone has seen the images. The fallen buildings. The dead bodies covered with sheets on the street. The amputees. We have also seen the resilient Haitian spirit. In their worst hours, people were singing. The world is more intimately acquainted with that Haitian spirit than it has ever been in the past. The best of Haiti has been on display, even as the country continues to suffer.

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Sojourners Magazine March 2010
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