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Immigration Enforcement: 'Why We Do This'

by Eileen Mignoni 03-30-2010

Video: Living Between Borders

by Eileen Mignoni 03-24-2010

Video: Phone Calls from Papi

by Eileen Mignoni 03-17-2010

Linzi, a U.S. citizen, fell in love with Domingo, a Mexican immigrant, when she was 13 years old. They were married in 2006. They have three daughters together.

Video: A Father's Sacrifice

by Eileen Mignoni 03-10-2010

"John came from Acapulco, Mexico, three years ago. He was 15. He enrolled in high school and excelled. He learned English quickly and made his father proud.

Video: A Family Struggles Facing Deportation

by Eileen Mignoni 03-01-2010

In this video, Eileen Mignoni tells the story of an immigrant family struggling with the arrest of their son, John.