July-August 2000

Cover Story

'The solution will come from the community.'
Why a low-cost anti-AIDS tool remains out of reach.
AIDS, orphans, and the future of Africa.


People in the ancient world were very careful about how they approached their gods.
Artist Barry Moser's new illustrated Bible shows that the people of scripture---and books themselves---are very much alive.
Feared by some, welcomed by others, charitable choice might transform social services in this country. So why have so few people even heard of it?
My heart began to beat wildly; my mouth was as dry as the desert around me. Should I take time to go change my shirt?
A half-century from now, will the churches finally learn to get along? We look into our crystal ball to see…


Saying no to the Disneyfication of America.
Can we canonize Dorothy Day and serve the poor too?
The IMF/World Bank protests raised long-neglected issues.
The liberation movement for the disabled is just beginning.
U.S. churches can provide a driving moral force on the crisis of AIDS in Africa.
How many colleges does it take to change a community?


Josh and I made some important decisions on the day that we got engaged. First, we decided to retain our sanity amidst the barrage of impending wedding chaos.
by: Amie Rose
The last city on my recent Faith Works book tour was Milwaukee.
In just a few short months you'll wake up on a crisp Tuesday after the first Monday in November and do your part to dramatically affect the course of history.
by: Ed Spivey

Culture Watch

Resisting the pull of McWorld
What is the proper role of the filmmaker?
For the past 25 years, executions have taken place somewhere in America almost every week. They happened in the dead of night.
It does a body good.
The complexities of 'simple living.'
New books worthy of note
Family and community at the Bruce Springsteen show.
Jim Hightower skewers 'corporatocracy.'


ED SPIVEY'S January-February 2000 "H'rumphs" ("Surely, There Must Be Some Mistake...") was really good.
A Baltimore County judge exceeded sentencing guidelines and gave Philip Berrigan, 30 months in prison for damaging an A-10 Warthog aircraft, such as those used to fire depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq and Kosovo. 
Bringing people together.
THANKS FOR Julie Polter's excellent article about the high cost of funerals ("We All Have to Die," May-June 2000).
by: Carl Hyde
JULIE POLTER TROTS out Jessica Mitford's old song and dance routine about the evils of the funeral trade ("We All Have to Die," May-June 2000).
I REALLY ENJOYED the article about community organizing and the churches ("Saul Alinsky Goes To Church," by Helene Slessarev, March-April 2000).
I'D LIKE TO RESPOND to Bernard Cullen's letter ("Giving Our All," January-February 2000) regarding my article "Life on the Auction Block" (November-December 1999).
Christian groups in the United States and Sudan have called for the boycott of BP-Amoco...
AS ONE OF THOSE organizers of the Pacific Institute for Community Organizations network, I write to say thanks for Helene Slessarev's article "Saul Alinsky Goes to Church" (March-April 2000).
Madonna Kolbenschlag died January 29 in Santiago, Chile, while attending a meeting of the School of Ecofeminist Spirituality and Ethics. She was 64.
One outcome of the circus surrounding the Elian Gonzalez case has been increased scrutiny of U.S.-Cuba policy and renewed hopes for a better relationship with the island nation.
Millions of people died in the slave trade. African AIDS deaths will soon exceed those horrendous numbers. The future of the continent isn't all that's at stake.
Can one person make a difference?
You can imagine why they call this ship a tender
The Covenant to Overcome Poverty needs you!
THANK YOU FOR Julie Polter's article with information on alternative and low-cost funerals.
I AM A SUPPLY TEACHER and have been teaching religious studies for two weeks in a Catholic school.
After a year of encampments that successfully halted bombing exercises by the U.S.
A coalition of conservative Christian and Jewish leaders known as the Interfaith Council for Stewardship and the Environment has released "The Cornwall Declaration"...
Finding himself in agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union and at odds with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson said "a moratorium [on executions] would indeed be very appropriate..."
FINALLY! DUANE SHANK'S article "A Path Between the Extremes," (March-April 2000) says what I've been saying for years. You can teach about religion without proselytizing.
THE MARCH-APRIL 2000 Sojourners is one of the best issues ever - the articles were wide-ranging, practical, and well written.
Resources for study and action.
IN RESPONSE TO Chris Rice's column "What I Learned When I Opened My Mouth About Gay Rights", I would like to say what I learned from some other Christians when I opened my mouth about Jesus and joined a church.