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God's Garden: Church-based Community Agriculture

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 03-18-2009
Meet Stephen Bartlett, an urban gardener and educator in Louisville, Kentucky.

Plain Profundities

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 11-01-2003
Richard Shindell sings a good story.

On Fertile Ground

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 11-01-2003

The Food Project grows vegetables, relationship, and justice in the suburb and the city.

Where the Boys Aren't

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 11-01-2002

Why do so many more women than men enter voluntary service?

Cuppa Joe, With a Twist

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 05-01-2002

Pura Vida coffee—like most companies—goes after profits, but what happens next is hardly ordinary.

A Few of My Favorite Things

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 05-01-2002

Moving toward the end of the Year of Sept. 11, my favorite things are books and music with insight into life's big picture, the meaning of the journey that we're all on

Bosses for a Living Wage

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 01-01-2001
While initially costing a company more in wages, a living wage stimulates an "upward spiral" of indirect benefits to the company.

What's Right With This Picture?

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 01-01-2001
Some of the wealthiest people in America are seeking justice instead of tax shelters.

Best-Kept Secret

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 07-01-2000

Feared by some, welcomed by others, charitable choice might transform social services in this country. So why have so few people even heard of it?

A Resurrection of Campus Activism

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi 09-01-1999
From sit-ins against sweatshops to lobbying against religious persecution, many students today are proving themselves to be anything but apathetic.