July 2004

Cover Story

Sojourners associate editor Rose Marie Berger and photographer Ryan Beiler spent a Sunday afternoon in February with Wendell Berry at his farm in Henry County, Kentucky.
Kentucky farmer and essayist Wendell Berry talks about what makes people happy.


They're reading liberation theology and listening to the world's urban poor. Meet the young evangelicals of Word Made Flesh.
Dorothy Day taught us the real meaning of hospitality by the way she lived day to day.
Many people think the Religious Right has faded into obscurity and political powerlessness. In fact, it just might be stronger than ever.
photos by Rick Reinhard


The wealthy feast, the poor go hungry. Surprise.
Why incremental reform is not the solution.
The real barrier is indifference.


Events in Iraq dramatically reveal that the U.
Being a resident of our country'

Culture Watch

Thousands of teens are learning directly from Nobel Peace laureates about working for peace through PeaceJam, an eight-year-old education-and-action program.
Comic books take on the world of faith and spirituality.
Copyright laws choke the commingling streams of King Lear, Iggy Pop, and "Louie Louie."
This is a book that takes your breath away and at the same time gives it back.


For many years we've talked about interviewing environmental and culture essayist Wendell Berry.
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The United Methodist Church has decided that its aging and medication-
How can a Christian tick off both porn filmmakers and religious conservatives?
A 2003 report claims that the Bush administration'
Early on in her otherwise excellent article,
Blessed are those who wash their robes,
I had no idea people like you existed.
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