January-February 2000

Cover Story

As the old moral infrastructure crumbles, will faith take its place?
Jack Feldbaile, CEO of a large firm, describes a business decision that he feels highlights the tensions he faced as a Christian in business.
Many corporations in the global marketplace have severed their social contract with workers and local communities.
(And Why Being Good is Good for Business).
A growing number of Web sites focus on business ethics. Inc. Online’s Ethics Corner features links to articles on business ethics for Inc. magazine www.inc.com/extra/columns/ethics.
Judy Wicks sees her restaurant, the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, as an experiment in bringing business and social responsibility together.
Founded by a handful of Oklahoma farmers in 1903, family-owned First Bethany Bank & Trust recalls some of the finest traditions of small-town business.
Ten principles for saving a corporate soul---and (who knows?) maybe your own.
The body of literature on business ethics is growing rapidly. Here are some resources that treat the subject soundly without making it seem that ethical decision-making is simple.
Participants in conversations about corporate responsibility and wages often use the same words to mean entirely different things.


To be a woman of faith in the midst of the city, I was forced to develop a contemplative stance. I am naturally pulled toward God in the midst of nature.
I do not view myself as a contemplative. I’d say that I am a "seeker" of God. This seeking has been a lifelong process.
Mark's gospel offers an antidote to domesticated, superficial Christianity.
To be a contemplative has traditionally meant leaving the city for a quiet life of prayer.
Labor activists and people of faith rally around 'core values.'


Artists and believers have something to talk about.
Nyerere, Africa's father of independence.
After the test ban vote, what next for the peace movement?
Why the living wage campaign is working.
Who would you choose as Person of the Millennium?


The breakfast table was covered with birthday cards decoratively labeled "50," which meant somebody in our home had crossed the half-century mark. But who?
A school system cannot hope to solve school violence simply by increasing security.
The Spice Girls won't be remembered. Martin Luther King will.
Are we only liberated from something or are we also liberated into something?

Culture Watch

A movement for a fair economy.
A modern pilgrim walks an ancient path.
Bishop Belo's struggle for freedom in East Timor.
Will Campbell's 'scandalizing' faith.
The harsh glare of life on the streets.
Get out the garlic! Hef is back. That was the gist of a series of articles last summer and fall chronicling the return to the limelight of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner.
Capturing sorrow with hope.


An estimated 10 million Colombians—a quarter of the country’s population—took to the streets this fall in protests demanding an end to 40 years of armed conflict t
While the U.S. military has spent more than $30 million on its fortress-like base in Kosovo—complete with a Burger King—Kosovars themselves are left with a war-ravaged homeland...
On September 29 President Clinton announced that the administration would erase 100 percent of the debt owed to the United States by 30 heavily indebted poor countries.
The U.S. State Department this fall cited Sudan as potentially subject to economic sanctions under the International Religious Freedom Act for its persecution of Christians and other religious groups.
What's good for General Motors---and other megacorporations---isn't necessarily good for the rest of us.
Celvin Galindo, the prosecutor investigating the murder of Guatemalan Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi, has fled to the United States for fear of his life.
Food---and much more---for the poor.
Bringing people together.
50 Years of Good News (on the Radio)