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Ascents and Descents

by Jo Ann Heydron 08-01-2004
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"Other people seemed to progress much more smoothly through life... but...I kept getting derailed, ejected from one job, one lifestyle after another," writes Karen Armstrong in The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness. For more than a decade, Armstrong has been the author of indispensable

Literary Art

by Jo Ann Heydron 07-01-2003

I avoid movies with car chases and wish more television heroes were not both handsome and single. In my reading, however, I tend to be more open-minded.

A River of Crocodiles

by Jo Ann Heydron 11-01-2002
What's the real purpose of 'mission trips'?

When Profit Is the Driver

by Jo Ann Heydron 11-01-2000
The consequences of globalization.

Does Obedience Equal Choice?

by Jo Ann Heydron 01-01-2000
Listening for God's voice.

Reconcilable Values

by Jo Ann Heydron 05-01-1999

Living a contemplative a feminist life.

Suffering As Sacrifice

by Jo Ann Heydron 01-01-1999

Is a 'good' woman a sacrificing one?