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To Cover or Not to Cover

by Pat McDonnell Twair 05-01-2001

The hijab head covering is often the first thing that sets a Muslim woman apart.

Who Is That Veiled Woman?

by Pat McDonnell Twair 05-01-2001

There are now more Muslims in the United States then Presbyterians—and (surprise!) half of them are women.

The Quran and Gender Equality

by Pat McDonnell Twair 05-01-2001

American Palestinian physician Laila al-Marayati believes that the Quran speaks to women and men in a manner that eliminates the gender issue.

Natural Born Allies

by Pat McDonnell Twair 01-01-2000
Labor activists and people of faith rally around 'core values.'

In the Lap of Luxury

by Pat McDonnell Twair 09-01-1998
From City Council to Rodeo Drive: campaigning for a living wage in Los Angeles.