Ed Spivey Jr. 01-01-2008
Our private contractors have sacrificed enough in Iraq.
Ed Spivey Jr. 12-01-2007
Someone foolishly suggested I should actually play in public.
Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2007

As the election season progresses and the inevitable wreckage shows up on the side of the road—Gilmore who?

Ed Spivey Jr. 09-01-2007
Our neighborhood has changed. It's now delicious.
Ed Spivey Jr. 08-01-2007
Only one man can beat Fred Thompson in the 2008 race.
Ed Spivey Jr. 07-01-2007
Is this the end of productive society as we know it?
Ed Spivey Jr. 06-01-2007
3,000 coffees to go please. And one decaf.
Ed Spivey Jr. 05-01-2007
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Although, some less so than others.
Ed Spivey Jr. 04-01-2007
We cannot rest on our laurel, once we find out what it is.
Ed Spivey Jr. 03-01-2007
Which sounds better, President Newt or President Mitt?
Ed Spivey Jr. 02-01-2007
The humor has been called
Ed Spivey Jr. 01-01-2007
Just try to play the violin under a low-hanging ceiling fan.
Ed Spivey Jr. 12-01-2006
It was a year to remember. (Do we have to?)
Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2006

Detroit: Our top story today is the recall of 7.4 million sport utility vehicles after General Motors technicians discovered they consume unconscionably high quantities of fuel.

Ed Spivey Jr. 09-01-2006
Welcoming al Qaeda's dynamic new leader in Iraq.
Ed Spivey Jr. 08-01-2006
Elvis was perhaps our greatest English speaker.
Ed Spivey Jr. 07-01-2006
Anyone in this country illegally should leave. But first...
Ed Spivey Jr. 06-01-2006
One man's personal quagmire, and it has nothing to do with Iraq.
Ed Spivey Jr. 05-01-2006
Space in al Qaeda?
Ed Spivey Jr. 04-01-2006
Today's toddler, in his front-facing carrier, thinks he can fly.