Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2005
Ever notice how the great novels tend to be really long?
Ed Spivey Jr. 09-01-2005
What if Jesus had professional consultants?
Ed Spivey Jr. 08-01-2005
My feeble attempts at Spanish were complicated by the idiomatic peculiarities of the language.
Ed Spivey Jr. 07-01-2005
John Bolton again failed to win.
Ed Spivey Jr. 06-01-2005
Our troubled world needs young people. And their iPods.
Ed Spivey Jr. 05-01-2005
A way to save Social Security, Medicare and Lockheed Martin.
Ed Spivey Jr. 04-01-2005
Clearly, Rumsfeld's critics never had their own secret army.
Ed Spivey Jr. 03-01-2005
Fortunately, social structures are well established. If you're cool.
Ed Spivey Jr. 02-01-2005
We're talking about REAL science, important science.
Ed Spivey Jr. 01-01-2005
I'm the one usually throwing things at the TV.
Ed Spivey Jr. 12-01-2004
I'd miss the good old days, but they were before my time.
Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2004
We'll miss much about the election season. Or not.
Ed Spivey Jr. 10-01-2004
I've always wanted a lawyer. I have a plumber, but it's not the same.
Ed Spivey Jr. 09-01-2004
Funerals need to be a little more balanced, with time for rebuttal.
Ed Spivey Jr. 08-01-2004
It's that special season again.
Ed Spivey Jr. 07-01-2004
Being a resident of our country'

Being a resident of our country's last colony, Washington, D.C. ("Doesn't Count"), it's hard to approach this political season with anything but a jaded, albeit cynical, pessimism. Like most Iraqis, I am waiting for self-rule to be established in my hometown, and to experience "democracy," this new thing I keep hearing about where citizens have, like, a vote.

Ed Spivey Jr. 06-01-2004
Having recently been diagnosed with a rare and troubling medical condition-

Having recently been diagnosed with a rare and troubling medical condition—late-onset maturity—it has become unavoidable that I begin to take the world and its woes more seriously.

Ed Spivey Jr. 05-01-2004
I pulled dramatically into the office parking lot, turned off the ignition and coasted to a stop, the powerful engine reluctantly emitting its final throaty rumble.
Ed Spivey Jr. 04-01-2004

As we enter the heart of the political season and brace ourselves for the spectacle of two grown men competing for the favor of a nation...

Ed Spivey Jr. 03-01-2004

This being our special issue on the environment, I must preface my remarks about wanting to strangle the squirrel in my bedroom wall...