February-March 1993

Cover Story

Theological convergence and possibilities of collaboration


What is it like to be confronted with the presence of Jesus?
The Christian vocation to resist violence among nations and peoples
Seeking the rewards on community in a marketplace world


What is to be done in Haiti?
What does it truly mean to welcome people in?
100 years later and Hawaiians are still persuing rights
Controversy over the bishops' letter, "One in Christ Jesus"
Only by addressing the roots of famine will a future without hunger be possible.


Time spent walking is time spent praying
Homemade bread is an edible sign of the goodness of the earth
Subtle changes in someone bungee jumping

Culture Watch

REM leads a generation into adulthood
Radio recaptures kids' imagination
Worthy of Note
Books from Christian perspectives about the Gulf War
Black freedom fighters and their liberational movements


With this issue of Sojourners we introduce a new section in the magazine.