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Building a Network of Faith, Community, and Action

With this issue of Sojourners we introduce a new section in the magazine. Just one year ago we invited you, our readers, to become members of a faith-based network in this country and elsewhere. Rather than attempt to replace already existing networks, we proposed simply to introduce people to one another--connecting existing groups and assisting others in forming new communities. Since that time, nearly 700 individuals and communities have contacted us to participate.

Now we propose to better situate Sojourners magazine as a resource, a catalyst even, for the emerging network that Sojourners represents. The magazine has always published material intended to help faith-based people live out the gospel mandate to "seek the kingdom of God and God's justice." This new section will relate what is happening in the "sojourners network."

We plan to use current features of the magazine to assist in the networking going on among and around our members. "Seeds of Change" will continue to publicize those resources that foster social change. "Connections" is the place where people exchange information, announce opportunities, and make needs known to one another.

Excerpts of letters from network members will appear in these pages, as words of inspiration for one another. "Groundswell" will relate the stories of concrete efforts being made to form, nurture, and connect communities seeking to put their faith into action.

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Sojourners Magazine February-March 1993
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