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The First 100 Days . . .

Let the record show that Sojourners magazine is sensitive to the concerns of our readers, a vast minority of whom took issue with some of the recent (and, we might add, delightful) comic stylings of "H'rumphs." Until further notice, these columns will be tested on laboratory animals prior to publication.

This particular column was read aloud to a control population of 27 white mice, who were then divided into small groups for discussion and reflection. No significant side effects were recorded, though one mouse did experience temporary loss of appetite and a slight facial twitch. Following segregation from the group, however, the subject improved quickly and returned to his normal routine of tearing pieces of paper into even smaller pieces of paper and taking care of bodily functions that we won't go into here, since we don't want to offend anybody.

- The Editors

[Hah! "The Editors." Who is he kidding? Like we took time off from our busy schedules to sit down and actually read this stuff. Not!

- The Editors

The First 100 Days...

Like most responsible journalists working in our capital city, the editors of Sojourners want to give President Bill Clinton a decent interval without critical second-guessing or unrealistic expectations. In a time when not much is coming out of the new White House, the press is all-too-tempted to go after superficial issues or take cheap shots at unimportant matters, such as how Bill Clinton is looking more and more like an Egg McMuffin.

Less responsible publications would probably comment on how funny he looks jogging in black socks. But not us. Once again, Sojourners will take the high road and not even mention that his first official act as president was to set up a hotline to Hardee's.

And Now the News...

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Sojourners Magazine February-March 1993
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