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The Heart of Faith

by Dale Aukerman 01-01-1998
Discipleship is rooted in God's redeeming love

Public Enemies

by Dale Aukerman 02-01-1993

The Christian vocation to resist violence among nations and peoples

City Of Refuge

by Dale Aukerman 01-01-1984

Giving the Russians sanctuary.

Common Jeopardy

by Dale Aukerman 03-01-1982

The misuse of alcohol.

The Scandal Of Defenselessness

by Dale Aukerman 04-01-1980

Christian vulnerabilities in a nuclear world

The Central Murder

by Dale Aukerman 03-01-1980

Jesus' crucifixion and nuclear holocaust

As In The Days Of Noah

by Dale Aukerman 02-01-1980

The first in a series of biblical meditations on nuclear war