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Sojourners Magazine: August-September 1991

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Cover Story

An interview with Gordon Cosby
Reflections on Sojourners' 20 years
A keeper of the faith for 20 years
Sojourners are odd in a society where everything is settled.
Peace is no longer a safe theological subject or an interesting intellectual debate.
Thank you for the friendship
A reflection on the occasion of Sojourners' 20th anniversary in 1991.


From Hedley, British Columbia to Birmingham, Alabama
A global society for peace, justice and sustainability requires alternatives
Who are we and who are we becoming?


The future of moderates and the Southern Baptist Convention
Moderates chart course as fundamentalists solidify control
US diplomatic relations
An opportunity to end the cycle of suffering
Life since the 1964 Civil Rights Act
Environmental issues will remain at the forefront of these pages


The true founder and his dream for Sojourners
Beneath the parade is tragedy

Culture Watch

The spirituality of the two most recent superpowers is examined
Bonnie Raitt's new offering tips her hand
In late 1990, the 20th-anniversary edition of a book of monumental importance was released.
25 years with the Starship Enterprise


Desert Storm euphoria masking the mess of post-war Iraq
"Up With Capitalism," exclaimed the May cover of Crisis magazine, a conservative Catholic monthly