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To Keep the Nation From Losing Its Soul

I can remember a time when the most conscientious Christians I knew were divided into two basic camps: those deeply concerned about personal faith commitment and those who had a burning zeal to see justice and peace in the world. And Sojourners was born. A new breed of believers came forth ... persons who shrink neither from disciplines of personal and communal piety nor from confrontation and protest in pursuit of a society with a life-support system designed for the health and well-being of all God's children.

From the Sojourners family came a bold and comprehensive witness: articles and actions, news conferences and consultations, symbolic demonstrations and community-building activities. All these give evidence that there is now a powerful network of radical reformers with a mission for critique, revision, and reconciliation.

During the war in the Persian Gulf, while the minds and hearts of our citizens were so mercilessly manipulated to accommodate the war plans, the media were severely discredited. No longer could citizens believe that network news and national press associations were able to report the truth. Spin-controlled communiques and authorized releases of "what the public must be made to believe" held truth hostage.

Meanwhile, computerized versions of reality lobotomized the public's mind with surgical-strike accuracy. Ethical and moral reflections became difficult as scrambling devices confused right and wrong, the angelic and the demonic, courageous compassion and brutal criminality.

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