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How Dare the Sun Ascend?

by Ken Sehested 11-01-2011

We all knew it would come.
Someday. Always later.
It comes for us all. Sure.
Of course.
We know that. Someday.

But when someday draws near
for someone you love
whose silenced breath sears
your lungs with flames of grief
and sobs so immense
you wonder:
How dare the sun ascend?
The stars to shine?
Even the yeast to rise!

Move Your Money

by Ken Sehested 06-01-2010

I very much appreciate Jim Wallis commentary ("Time to Move Your Money?" March 2010).

Poisoned Sea, Impoverished Soul: A Litany of Lament Over a Despoiled Ocean

by Ken Sehested 05-27-2010
In the beginning, darkness covered the face of the deep.

Then the Breath of Heaven swept across the waters, blessing the sea with all manner of creatures.

Liturgy That Remembers

by Ken Sehested 02-01-2010

I appreciate your making space for Bryan Cones’ “Rites and Rituals” (November 2009). I know and value a number of the resources he annotated.


by Ken Sehested 12-01-1991

A poem

Can God Use a Poor Church?

by Ken Sehested 08-01-1991

The future of moderates and the Southern Baptist Convention

A Voice Was Heard in Ramah

by Ken Sehested 12-01-1988

Remembering Rachel's Cry During Advent

Induction Papers From The Almighty

by Ken Sehested 06-01-1982

An ordination charge