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Sojourners Magazine: August 1994

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Cover Story

The neglected variable in the population and environment equation
Human population growth and reverence for life
The human costs of maldevelopment
'A new way of seeing' population, consumption, and the environment
Race, class, and the theology of domination


Ellul remains a witness of resurrection.
Sometimes technology acts more to prolong the dying than it does to help with living.
How many more lives must be lost before the world community acts?
The unavoidable reality is that where there is severe poverty, adding more people makes the suffering worst.


I hope that in the battle of instincts, nurture and nonviolence will win out.
H'rumphs: Healthcare and insurance
If our society has made an idol of bigness and success, have peace and justice movements made one of smallness and lack of success?
The pain of these questions for all concerned borders on unbearable.

Culture Watch

Evangelical Christians reach out to "the other."
The refreshment offered by womanist theology
The blended beauty of Indigo Girls
The challenge of a historical novel
Spiritual healing in an age of skepticism
"Marvin the Album" by Frente! 
Bill Miller sings of past and present.