Need Holy Backup?
John Gehring 7-31-2009
When the United States and the Soviet Union stared into the abyss of nuclear Armageddon during the Cold War, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick began reading obscure journals like the Bulletin of the At

When I began writing this column back in 1985, my page could hold up to 1,000 words. Over the years that number has shrunk, first to 800, then 700.

Lynne Elyse Farmer 7-01-2009

As a bibliophile who loves the act of reading but also the sensory experience of a book’s look, feel, and smell, I thought, “Why would anyone want to read a book on a screen?” Fif

The recently launched Two Futures Project is twittering us into a non-nuclear future.

I rode my bike to work today. Despite the summer heat, it is not a bad trip
Every day across America we see self-segregation in lunchrooms, in classrooms, and in church pews on Sunday morning. But how about online?

Congress is hard at work on historic energy and climate change legislation. The House of Representatives plans to vote on a bill in the next few weeks, with the Senate to follow in early fall.

Ed Spivey Jr. 5-01-2009

I hold in my hand a printout of the e-mail I just received from Barack Obama.

Ray Offenheiser 4-07-2009
The realities of global poverty are very stark.
Ed Spivey Jr. 3-01-2009
Being the trusting sort, I clicked on the link. Life is different now.
Becky Garrison 2-05-2009
The day after Obama was sworn in as president, Trinity Institute launched its annual conference titled "Radical Abundance: A
Matt Hildreth 2-03-2009
Even in our current political climate, as President Obama demands" href=""">
Will President Obama deliver on his promises of media reform?

“Thy word is a [USB flash drive] unto my feet” is the good news that the folks over at The Amazing Bible Cross are singing.

Julie Clawson 11-05-2008
The 2008 election is obviously historic.
Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-2008

For 500 years, Western culture, for better or worse, was formed by its books.

In the coming technological revolution, will there be space for the common good?
"From the time of Moses' stone tablets, man [sic] has searched for a better way to store, study, and share God's work," preaches the press release for the newly released GoBible.
Kim Szeto 7-01-2007

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth recently launched the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative, starting with a focus on the genocide in Darfur.