John Gehring

John Gehring is Director of Communications for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

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Texas School Board: The "Common Good" as Liberal Conspiracy

by John Gehring 06-07-2010

'Doing God's Work': A Moral Case for Financial Reform

by John Gehring 04-27-2010
As financial reform legislation stalls in the Senate for the moment and embattled Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein testifies today before a congressional subcommittee, faith-based organizations an

Another Vatican II Moment for the Catholic Church?

by John Gehring 04-23-2010
These are dark days for Catholics and our church. The clergy sexual abuse scandals are a source of profound pain and raw anger.

What Catholics Can Teach Glenn Beck About Social Justice

by John Gehring 03-24-2010

While it's generally not worth spilling any ink over Glenn Beck, his recent attacks on churches that preach "social justice" has rightly earned the condemnation of diverse faith leaders

A Torture Apologist's Flawed Theology

by John Gehring 03-10-2010
The Washington Post has a new op-ed page writer drawing scrutiny for his hearty endorsement of "enhanced interrogation," which translated from Orwellian into English means torture.

The Pope vs. Climate Change Deniers

by John Gehring 02-19-2010
The recent blizzard of bunk coming from climate change deniers giddy over the recent Snowmageddon that paralyzed the nation's capital is a classic case of putting ideology and politics before scien

Is George W. Bush Pro-Life? Is Any Politician?

by John Gehring 02-05-2010

Former President George W. Bush receives a pro-life award this weekend from Legatus, an organization of Catholic business professionals.

Honoring King: Economic Justice for All

by John Gehring 01-18-2010

God's Economics: Pope Benedict -- and Jim Wallis -- Go Where Many U.S. Politicians Fear to Tread

by John Gehring 01-15-2010

Bishops Flex Moral Muscle for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by John Gehring 01-11-2010
While attention is focused on final negotiations over health-care legislation, Catholic bishops have signaled they will play a leading role in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform this year