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The Real Solution to Childhood Obesity

by Johann Christoph Arnold 02-10-2010
With more than a third of our children now overweight and many already diabetic, Americans of all political colors should commend the First Lady for her recently-announced campaign against childhoo

Obama in Oslo: Nonviolence is the Strongest Weapon

by Johann Christoph Arnold 12-16-2009
I was saddened by our president's acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. He missed a chance to witness to courage and leadership. True, Mr.

Re-founding Fathers

by Johann Christoph Arnold 06-17-2009
Many problems in our society will be solved when young men are willing to become good fathers. Of course, they can do this only if they have an example to follow.

Memorial Day: After the Parades and Picnics

by Johann Christoph Arnold 05-22-2009

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."

The Glue of Society: Celebrating Mother's Day

by Johann Christoph Arnold 05-07-2009

Thank God for mothers! Mother's Day is an opportunity to make life special for them. It is a chance to celebrate family. I thank God for my mother, who died some years ago. There is one thing I regret: for too many years I did not appreciate her enough and took her for granted. She was always there for us. I thank God for my wife.