Cesar Baldelomar 08-19-2009
As debates rage over the proposed health-care reform (which I strongly support), I believe many politicians, activists, religious leaders, and ideologues are missing an essential point.
Francis S. Collines 08-01-2009
Despite the rhetoric, science and faith get along just fine.
A journalist explores the science of spirituality.
Danny Duncan Collum 07-01-2009

When I began writing this column back in 1985, my page could hold up to 1,000 words. Over the years that number has shrunk, first to 800, then 700.

Elizabeth Palmberg 11-01-2008

Classic books on science fiction and spirituality.

The difficulty - and necessity - of finding a middle ground on stem cells.
Chap Clark 04-01-2007
What does it mean to use life to give life?
Wayne C. Wolsey 09-01-2006

Helen Caldicott has gotten her facts mixed up and relies on invalid assumptions in her commentary (“Our Friend the Atom?” July 2006).

Daniel Charles 08-01-2006

The pursuit of knowledge was his true faith. And in many ways, it remains ours today.

Gail A. Bruder 03-01-2006

While agreeing with Ted Peters (“Intelligent Religion,” December 2005) that one can both embrace the science of Darwinian theory and be religious, I take exception to his assertion that “the scientific establishment tries to assert that to be religious is like having a disease that quarantines a person against participation in science.” I don’t believe there is any such ideology in the scientific community. As a scientist, I would ask for his evidence of such a position.

Ted Peters 12-01-2005
Are science and faith really incompatible?
Julie Polter 01-01-2003

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Bill Phillips talks about his faith

Ed Spivey Jr. 05-01-2001

It's no surprise that humans are smarter than roundworms. Well, most humans, anyway.

When science meets religion, who wins?