George De Costa 6-01-2009

Amen to John Stoner and Victor Goering's letters in the March 2009 issue.

Patrick Mulhaney 5-01-2009

I appreciated Rose Berger’s column (“Tackling the Unspeakable,” Feb­ruary 2009) and her interview with Jim Douglass about John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Evan Cantiello 5-01-2009

“Stingy Givers” (a review by J.

Walter Poe 5-01-2009

I thought Ruth Haley Barton’s article (“Make a Joyful Silence,” February 2009) was awesome.

Craig Lawson 5-01-2009

One of several tender nerves I have is when people expound the benefits of space exploration and study. And yet, as Ed Spivey Jr.

Regarding Eboo Patel’s “Three Myths about Islam” (February 2009): I have to take issue with his simplistic attempt to debunk myth two.

Douglas Bakke 4-01-2009

Regarding “Make a Joyful Silence,” by Ruth Haley Barton (February 2009): We Quakers figured out more than 350 years ago that the presence of God is best understood through the “ga

Chris Budden 4-01-2009

It is sad to see that in an otherwise excellent editorial (“A New Faith Coalition,” January 2009), Jim Wallis reinforces racist discourse.

John K. Stoner 3-01-2009

The memos to President Obama in the January issue are interesting for what they omit as well as for what they include.

David Buer 3-01-2009

During some moments of pre-Christ­mas calm, I had a chance to read the memos to President Obama (“Dear President Obama,” January 2009).

Brigit M. Barnes 3-01-2009

[Regarding “A New Faith Coalition,” by Jim Wallis, January 2009]: Those who characterize abortion as “single-issue politics” often use the goal to “reduce the number o

Victor Goering 3-01-2009

After reading (for the second time) the “Dear President Obama” letters, I was disappointed that no one mentioned the need to reduce the huge U.S. military budget.

Mary Cole-Duvall 3-01-2009

Thanks for Jim Wallis’ thoughts in “A Pastoral Strategy for Hard Times” (December 2008). Our church is gearing up to assist more folks in our church and local community.

Dennis Semprini 2-01-2009

Sojourners, thank you, by God’s grace, for what you do! In a God coincidence, many years ago a friend had recycled a copy of your magazine at the local library.

Thanks for the work you do. There are plenty of good ministries in the world, for which I am grateful.

Dave Gradwell 2-01-2009

I enjoyed Ed Spivey Jr.’s dry sense of humor in his video about the economy (“It’s All His Fault,” December 2008 Web Extras).

I was deeply disappointed in Sojour­ners’ guidance on voting in regard to abortion (“Principles and Policies for Christian Voters,” December 2008).

Jody Nonnemacher 2-01-2009

We just adopted two little girls, and I anxiously pored through the TV guide for the time(s) Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood would be on.

Margaret Wilde 2-01-2009

Last night in the theology class I teach on peace and justice, I said there were better ways than military intervention to solve the problems in Darfur and

Tom Hubers 1-01-2009

I was struck by the letter from Richard Tillinger regarding his love of machine guns (“Misfire?” September-October 2008).