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Sharing History

During some moments of pre-Christ­mas calm, I had a chance to read the memos to President Obama (“Dear President Obama,” January 2009). As I read each essay, I became more aware of the historical moment and excitement that awaits so many of us with the newly elected leadership in Washington, D.C. My mind drifted to the great civil rights struggles that took place in my lifetime, with an appreciation for how far we have come. The essays did not shy away from the challenge and scourge of abortion. I felt at home with so many focusing on our collective responsibility to assist the least. Read­ing the memos was like being in a room with friends. We may not always agree, but it is good to share a historic moment together. That is what Sojourners has been for me these last 30 years.

David Buer, OFM, Tucson, Arizona

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Sojourners Magazine March 2009
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